Nalgonda: Dead Man Walks Back to Life After 40 Years!

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After 40 years, a Nalgonda man was reunited with his family.

After being chastised by his father, he fled home in sixth grade.

Nalgonda: After 40 years, a Telangana man who had gone missing while playing as a child has returned home. On Thursday, Nalla Guntala Ramulu, alias Pullaiah, a Chakali Bazar native, was reunited with his family. His parents, on the other hand, were no longer living when he returned home.

After being chastised by his father, Ramulu (Pullaiah) is believed to have fled his house while he was in sixth grade. "I left my house in 1981 in a huff after my father beat me and I never returned," Nalla Guntala Pullaiah, who studied till class VI, recalled.

He claimed that he had relocated to other locations and that he was surviving on alms. Ramulu (Pullaiah) arrived in Khammam a few days ago and was provided refuge by the Annam (Rice) Seva Foundation.

On Thursday, foundation chairman Annam Srinivas gathered information on Ramulu (Pullaiah) and reunited him with his family. Srinivas explained, "When we slowly started asking him about his background, he opened up and told us that he was a runaway."

Renuka and Durga, Ramulu's (Pullaiah) two sisters, were overjoyed to meet their brother, who had been missing for 40 years.

DIG AV Ranganath of Nalgonda praised Srinivas' efforts to care for the homeless man and identify his relatives. In the presence of Ranganath, Ramulu (Pullaiah) was handed over to his sister Renuka and brother-in-law Kashaiah. "He left us several years ago. We are glad to have him back," Renuka expressed her delight upon his return. Ramulu's (Pullaiah's) parents had both passed away a few years before.

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