Mysuru Dasara 2021: Tips for Travellers, Kannada Words You Must Know

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The festival of Dasara is celebrated grandly in Mysore and is popularly known as Nada Habba. This festival is celebrated in such a majestic and royal manner during the 9 days of Navratri. Mysore appears more lively during the 10-day event, which is why every person should visit the place during Dussehra at least once. 

The Mysore Palace stands as the special attraction during the festival times and Dasara is celebrated in typical North Indian style where effigies of Meghdoot, Ravana and Kumbhakarna are burned. To experience the thrill, it is advisable to visit the city and take part in the celebrations. Here are some of the tips for travellers who are planning to go to the city. 

One can reach Mysore either by air or train and also in buses from all major and important cities of India. If you cannot find direct transportation, you can reach Bengaluru, and from there you can take a cab or bus to Mysore. 

The most suitable time for you to visit Mysore is the last four days before Dussehra. As the city attracts a large number of travellers, it would definitely be difficult for you to find hotels. However, you can book a hotel in the nearby villages and visit Mysore as a day trip. 

Besides this, here are some Kannada words you can use while visiting Mysore.

  • Namaskara- Hello
  • Bēḍa- No
  • Eṣṭu?- How much?
  • Sāku- Enough 
  • Eṣṭu dūra ide- How far is…
  • Ellide?- Where is?

There are also some exhibitions that are put on mela grounds, providing you with an opportunity to visit stalls of handicrafts, food, souvenirs, and much more as a part of Mysore Dussehra.

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