MentorKart- One-of-a-kind Industry Mentorship Platform For Students, Professionals And Startups

Sakshi Post Exclusive Interview With Ashish Khare Founder of MentorKart

MentorKart is a technology-based mentoring platform which provides mentorship at any level for students and employees and is completely online. It is funded by well-known angel investors like Startup Buddy, Lets Venture, and HNI’s like Vijay Sethi, Ashish Vidyarthi, and many more.

 The Mentors come from organizations like FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies, and other growing Startup organizations. MentorKart has already partnered with more than 50 universities across the country to participate in Mentorship Model Campus Institutes. The brand is planning to add more such partnerships in the future.

Ashish Khare, founder of MentorKart shares his views with Reshmi AR  of Sakshi Post about the platform, and how it helps youth achieve their professional/career goals, and make them 'Future Ready'. 

How did you get this idea to establish MentorKart?

We founded MentorKart with the goal of closing the academic-industrial gap and preparing the young and industry for the future via mentorship from experienced industry mentors and coaches. We have already worked with over 50 institutions throughout the country since our launch and want to reach 200+ campuses in the next quarters. Numerous young professionals, new business owners, and members of their core teams receive mentoring from us as well. On our platform, we already have over 500 mentors and thousands of mentees.

What are the services that Mentorkart offers?

The mentoring platform MentorKart uses technology. By providing them with coaching from mentors and coaches from India and other countries, we hope to assist students, young professionals, and early-stage entrepreneurs realize their potential and accomplishing their professional objectives, overall career growth, and industry placements.

We have 3 key services:

For Students: MentorKart has created a one-of-a-kind industry mentorship programme for university students, regardless of their major or desired professional function. We also train them for jobs and have a job assurance programme. We offer holistic assistance to adolescents in order to help them improve their skills and match industry requirements, resulting in career acceleration and progress.

For Young Professionals: This is a programme designed to assist industry professionals in the technology, non-tech, and management sectors in achieving their career goals by providing them with counsel from experienced mentors from across the world.

For Early-Stage Entrepreneurs: This is a startup programme in which we assist entrepreneurs and their management teams in developing, refining, and implementing their company plan, as well as monitoring and guiding them to reach their goals

How MentorKart is leveraging Job Guarantee programmes for the students?

In April 2022, MentorKart launched its Work Guarantee programme, which is primarily designed for various job activities. After getting hired by a company, students in the employment guarantee programme can pay MentorKart's course expenses. The MentorKart team will plan interactive live training from great mentors in the field once you have established your goals through one-on-one mentoring. They will also announce that you will be screened for interviews and get full placement help up until you land a job.

Where do you see the company in future?

Onboarding new Mentors and partners Universities from Tier-2 and Tier-3 locations is part of  MentorKart's ambitious development goals. By FY 2023, we aim to have 50 study centres operating throughout India. We want to deploy at least 5,000 people in a firm by FY 2023 since we are largely focused on the B2C sector, which will generate jobs and income.

In addition, we've got $360,000 in investment from reputable angel investors including Startup Buddy, Lets Venture, and a number of other HNIs. We're contemplating another round of fundraising to reach our target of Rs. 7.5 crores in net revenue by the end of the fiscal year 2023 during the next six months.

How many students and mentors are part of MentorKart?

We founded MentorKart with the goal of bridging the academic-industrial divide and preparing the young and industry for the future via mentorship from experienced industry mentors and coaches. Since our beginning, we have taught and placed over 75K students using our platform, with the help of 500 mentors. We have already worked with over fifty universities throughout the country, including Noida International University, DIT University, Roorkee Institute of Technology, Sharda University, and others. Through our ongoing efforts, we want to have more than 200 campuses on board by FY2023.

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