International Women's Day: The Five Best Financial Apps for Millennial Women

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This year’s International Women’s Day theme calls for gender equality and breaking the bias against females. On this day, we celebrate millennial women who don multiple hats and yet shoulder equal responsibilities as their male counterparts. From being career-driven and health-focused to acting as caretakers while also balancing their leisure activities, new-age women do it all.

The millennial woman is independent, smart, and busy. Keeping these elements in mind, here are the five best financial apps to make life somewhat easier for millennial women. 

mPokket: With a hectic lifestyle, there are bound to be some last-minute expenses or even cash shortages. Worry not, mPokket will happily rescue you from your eleventh-hour cash crunch. It is an app exclusively built to lend small-to-medium-ticket size loans to individuals. If you need to purchase some item urgently or have any sudden medical expense, mPokket is there to help. As an NBFC with a simple registration process, mPokket makes it safe and convenient for people who seek emergency funds.

ET Money: This app is truly simplifying the financial journey of digital India. Here, one can invest in mutual funds directly without paying any commission to agents. This gives the benefit of added returns, which offers the benefit of compound returns over time. You can also opt to convert your existing funds to direct plans. The ET Money blog is a treasure trove for anyone who wishes to learn about finance. Besides, their app and website have pointers to guide you at every step of your financial journey while achieving specific goals – be it short term or long term.

Coinbase: It is perfect for new-age women interested in tech and finance. Considered one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase is involved in the buying, selling, transferring and storing of digital currency. Several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano can be traded on this crypto exchange. Available on both Android and iOS, it has a friendly user interface as well as dedicated tips and tutorial sections along with market updates.

Google Pay: Be it splitting the bill with your friends or sending money to loved ones, Google Pay provides an easy banking alternative. With Google Pay, the need to reload digital wallets stands eliminated, as it is directly connected with your bank account. Based on the UPI architecture, where users just need to create a Virtual Payment Address or VPA, which then becomes the users’ financial address. Therefore, one need not remember bank details for every transaction. Also, it has an added mPIN function much like an OTP to shield you from fraudulent transactions. What’s more, one receives rewards and coupons for transactions done through the app.

Simpl: A brilliant one-stop shop for people into budgeting and expense management, consumers can use Simpl to pay all outstanding bills in a single transaction, which is especially beneficial for busy individuals. Simpl provides a 1-tap checkout, making it faster and more seamless compared to other apps, without the added hurdle of using an OTP. Also, as a pay-later product, it is the best alternative to cash.

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