This International Women's Day, Commit To Self Care And To Your Hair Health, Says Celebrity Hair Designer Darshan Yewalekar

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The star stylist offers easy tips to take better care of your crowning glory  

Celebrity hair designer, Darshan Yewalekar,  says all women are beautiful but not all of them know it. He says, "Self-appreciation is an important part of self-care and nobody needs to look perfect all the time to feel good about themselves. If you care about your health, your nutrition, and your fitness, every aspect of your life will improve and this will positively impact how you look and feel. This International Women's Day, commit to your self-care and to your hair health."

He offers simple tips to nourish your crowning glory

Wash your hair the correct way

Do not put unsaturated shampoo directly on your scalp. Dilute and then spread it evenly across your hair. Don't pour thick blobs of shampoo in one spot because your hair will begin to thin in that area. Do not wash hair with excessively hot water and always choose products that are made with gentle ingredients and improve the volume, texture and shine of your hair.
Do not apply conditioner on the scalp and only use it on your hair. Wash your hair regularly as the build-up of dirt and sebum can result in hair fall.  

Untangle your hair gently

Using the right comb or brush is a must to avoid hair breakage. Not combing your hair brusquely to untangle it while it is wet, is absolutely essential. Don't use a hair dryer in an excessively hot mode and as far as possible, dry your hair naturally. Do not  rub your hair with coarse towels and be patient while untangling long hair. Wash your brushes and combs regularly to maintain hair hygiene.

 Keep your hair moisturized

Tried and trusted family recipes for hair masks are a good way to nourish your hair. Oiling your hair regularly if your scalp is dry, increasing water intake and using products that don't strip moisture from your locks  must be on your weekly to-do list. Leave-in conditioners recommended by your stylist can also offer relief from dryness.

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 Improve your diet

What you put in your body will reflect in your hair health so eat your greens and nutritious foods without scrunching your nose, drink your eight glasses of water, take supplements if recommended by your doctor and plan a well-balanced diet. Focus on simple exercises that you can sustain on a daily basis and know that every little gesture of self-care can and does add to your outward glow. 

Take more chances with your hair style

I see a lot of women who get trapped in one staple look that they do not want to change but I want them to know, life is all about taking chances. Experiment with your length, your hair colour and ask your stylist which  shape will suit your face best.
Do you want to take years off your mind? A new hairstyle may just help you do it!  Choose a colour that is best suited for your hair and do everything you can to maintain it. Maintenance is the key to good grooming so trim those split ends regularly and never take your hair for granted.

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