International Dance Day 2022: Health Benefits of Moving Your Body

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Kathakali is a wonderful dance form that originated in Kerala, India's southernmost state.

International Dance Day 2022: If you ask a group of people what their favourite way to express themselves is, unquestionably, half of them will respond by dancing. We've all loved dancing at some point in our lives, whether it was behind closed doors or in front of hundreds of people on stage. International Dance Day is observed on April 29 to honour this magnificent form of art and to urge people all around the world to value each other's dance traditions. The International Dance Council was first launched in 1982.

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Dancing is not only an art form, but it is also incredibly good for our general health since 30 minutes of dance class is similar to 30 minutes of running. When you add dancing to your daily routine, you'll notice that it not only allows us to appreciate the rhythm in our bodies but also has several health advantages. So, in honour of International Dance Day, we've compiled a list of dance styles and their health benefits:

Tap Dancing

Tap dancing is a dancing form that originated in the United States in the early nineteenth century. It is also a cardiovascular workout. It aids in leg toning and muscle strength development, particularly in the thighs, quadriceps, and calves.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing, also known as Oriental dancing, has its origins in Egypt. While tap dancing targets your legs, belly dancing targets your entire body and muscles. Because this dancing form requires you to keep your arms in the air for extended periods, it strengthens them.


This Indian traditional dance style enhances your stamina, flexibility, and balance while also improving your heart health, focus, and endurance. Because the dancing style necessitates complicated movement, it improves blood circulation and helps you maintain a healthy weight.


The origins of this graceful dance form may be traced back to roughly 1500 in Italy. In addition to improving posture, ballet develops muscles, supports healthy bones, and burns calories.


Kathakali is a wonderful dance style that originated in Kerala, India's southernmost state. It not only boosts immunity but also lowers the chance of eye problems. Kathakali can also help with fatigue and vitamin deficiency.

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