How Women Entrepreneurs Are Breaking Barriers And Leading From The Front

How Women Entrepreneurs Are Breaking Barriers And Leading From The Front - Sakshi Post

Women entrepreneurs have experienced great growth, gaining a broad consensus among academics and contributing to all those factors that explain the difficulty of women in undertaking an entrepreneurial career.

Following are some of the women entrepreneurs that are breaking the barriers, fighting through the odds.

Aarti Gill, Co-founder and CEO, is the creative brain behind OZiva, the trailblazing company that has fast established itself as one of India’s leading clean plant-based nutrition and wellness brands. While growing up Aarti noticed that a lot of problems faced by people could have been easily avoided, only if they just had a better lifestyle. With this thought and to bridge the need gap, she started OZiva along with her co-founder, Mihir, with the goal of enabling 100million+ people to have a better and healthier life. Working towards the same goal, OZiva now has become a brand. It is India’s first certified clean label plant-based brand. OZiva has crossed an annual revenue run rate of 100 cr INR within 5 years. OZiva combines modern science and goodness of Ancient Ayurveda to provide a wide range of products in categories like women's and men’s fitness, general wellness, plant based-vitamins & minerals, women’s health. They have also forayed into clean beauty and kids nutrition very recently.

Roma Priya, Founder, Burgeon Law- Since the onset of the pandemic, Burgeon Law has guided promoters on the legalities of managing the uncertainty and extension of the runway in order to tackle various issues rising up with the lock-down and its impact on India’s start-up ecosystem whereas many female startup founders are consulting Burgeon Law to understand legalities associated with the force majeure. The firm believes in supporting entrepreneurs throughout their journey and in encouraging entrepreneurship in India at its core. Under the guidance of Roma Priya, Founder of Burgeon Law, India’s leading boutique law firm has for the two consecutive years done the maximum number of venture capital transactions in the country as recognized by Venture Intelligence and has also been recognized as the Top Law Firm by Forbes India in Legal Powerlist 2020.

Ms Veena Ashiya, CEO (Chief Energy Officer)- Founder, Monrow Shoes and Accessories - A style fashionista turned fashion entrepreneur, Veena Ashiya is a passionate shoemaker and the founder of Monrow shoes and Accessories, a homegrown brand that pledges to deliver style and comfort.  Describing her innate sense of style as POSH HIPPY, Veena truly champions the experimental and colourful trend, carving an individualistic charisma. Her free-spirited and versatile approach eclipses through the personality of the brand that Monrow is today. Being a fashion enthusiast since childhood, Veena recalls when somebody asked her what you want to become when you’ll grow up and she responded with great pride, ‘A Fashion Businesswoman’. Veena also has 15 years of industry experience with successful stints with the leading Billion-dollar company of the world i.e., Tommy Hilfiger and Versace. It all started as love but now she feels she is in a married relationship with fashion.

Ms. Shruti Malani, Co-founder of Beddy by Centuary Mattress - With a legacy spanning over 3 decades, Centuary Mattress, popularly known as India’s Sleep Specialist, is India’s fastest growing mattress brand and the veritable pioneer of the comfort & bedding industry in India. Shruti was able to sense an opportunity in the baby/child sleep solutions segment as part of her journey collaborating with Centuary’s international clientele. Specific insights into global best practices relating to the field of baby mattresses and bedding coupled with Shruti’s own research on the role of sleep in infant/baby development led to the idea of conceptualizing the perfect baby mattress. As a result, the Idea of BEDDY culminated which gave birth to India’s first branded baby mattress.

Ms. Rishu Gandhi, Co-founder of Mother Sparsh: “When I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I had to constantly face many battles that maybe my male counterparts wouldn’t have to. The lack of confidence people have on women entrepreneurs is disheartening. But I turned a blind eye towards all the demotivating taunts and with complete belief in myself took on the challenge of building a brand. Similarly with Motherhood, I was constantly warned that a lady cannot have it all. Women must make sacrifices and choose - either a career or raising a family. But I have never been one to listen to limiting beliefs. I have a beautiful 2-month-old daughter and a successful business I help run. I truly do have it all.”

Clelia Cecilia Angelon, CEO & Founder of Surya Brasil - These modern times have seen some very fierce women entrepreneurs who are breaking the stereotypes, I personally advise that being different is always better than being mediocre. Today, women entrepreneurs are not shying away from making mistakes and are constantly following their dreams without losing focus. If you follow the heart and be in harmony with the Universe, it might take time but the success will come in both personal as well as professional endeavours. In my entrepreneurial journey, profit has never been the goal, it always came as a consequence of my dreams. I experienced that you can have a successful business while being ethical and respecting all living beings on the planet, thereby helping our planet.

Ms. Shubha Rawal, Director at IG International - IG International is one of the top fresh fruit importers in India. The brand has created a reputation for itself in this niche market where it has been present for more than 50 years. The company has an organized, strategic sourcing system augmented by a seamless supply chain with a well-connected overseas procurement network. Ms. Shubha Rawal is the Head-Sourcing and has a dynamic career spanning over 12 years at IG International, one of the largest importers of fresh fruit in India. Shubha is spearheading IG Wrapple Street, the newest venture of IG International and a concept eatery, takeaway, and eCommerce— serving out-of-the-world delectable experience for all young and young-at-heart dessert lovers.

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