How to Report Cyber Fraud, Where to Complain in Hyderabad?

How to Report Cyber Fraud, Where to Complain in Hyderabad? - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: With a crime rate of 3.7 per cent per lakh people in 2020, cybercrime has become a growing concern in the country. According to data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the number of cybercrimes has increased in the previous two years, 2019 and 2020, compared to 2018.

Telangana has recorded 5024 cybercrimes per 100,000 people, with Hyderabad recording 2533 incidents, for a crime rate of 32.9 per cent.

Taking notice of this, the Telangana police department stated in February that "cyber warriors" would be sent to police stations around the state to combat cybercrime.

A week-long training programme for 1,988 personnel designated as "cyber warriors" was initiated by the Director-General of Police. In rural areas, two "cyber warriors" were posted at each police station, whereas in semi-urban areas, three policemen were assigned to each police station. Five officers will be trained as "cyber warriors" in each of the police stations that are under the jurisdiction of police commissionerate or cities.

A helpline and a website for victims of cybercrime have also been established by the police. To make a complaint, call 155260 or go to their website by following the procedures below.

  • Visit the link for further information.
  • Click on "File a Complaint" in the "Filing a Complaint on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal" block.
  • Before accepting the terms and conditions, read them well.
  • To file a complaint, select the kind of offence (cybercrime related to women and children, which can also be filed anonymously and other crimes).
  • Other anonymous complainants are directed to provide complaint details without having to provide personal information, whilst other complaints require personal information.

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