How Music Connects This Mother-daughter Duo

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Mumbai-based Ananya Bhowmick was inclined to music since her childhood days, but she was able to professionally train in music post her 12th standard exam. Ananya now 39, is living her passion for music as a performer and teacher with Artium Academy - an online music education platform with Padma Shri/Bhushan Awards winning maestros such as Sonu Nigam, Shubha Mudgal, Aruna Sairam, KS Chithra, Louiz Banks, Gino Banks, Raju Singh, Aneesh Pradhan and Ananth Vaidyanathan.

Recollecting her childhood days Ananya recalls, “my parents always encouraged me to sing, but we weren’t able to find a guru who would take me under their wing to train professionally. I started my formal music education post my 12th grade exams, which was quite late. Music is like a devotion, there is so much to learn that even after so many years I still learn something new while teaching music. ”

Now as a mother of 10-year-old Nivedita who is walking on her mother’s path of music, Ananya leaves no stone unturned to give her daughter the best learning opportunity. Music learning is an essential part of personality development, even if the children do not professionally pursue music, learning the art has proven to enhance personality traits and develop a strong sense of balance and rhythm. As education and learning are evolving drastically, online education is increasingly inspiring more learners to take up professional learning in their favourite areas of interest. Case-in-point, Artium Academy, has enabled Ananya to teach students and follow her passion, while also helping Nivedita to find the right teacher who can understand her and helps her slowly build her foundation with an advanced course on Hindustani classical music - the roots and basic of music learning.

Talking about how music helps Ananya bond with her daughter, she adds, “The two of us riyaz together, and in the process learn a lot from each other. Since, I sing primarily Bollywood, she picks up a lot of songs by listening to me and keeps humming them all day long. She wanted to learn classical music and we found a great trainer, who understands her, is patient and, needless to say, very knowledgeable. I am happy that she has got a head start in her music education. While we practise, I can also brush up on the basics of classical ragas along with her.”

We have already witnessed how technology has helped students across the world gain a convenient platform to not only study but also to take up upskilling courses. Music is no different. Technology is going to play a massive role in giving impetus to music education in India and globally and it’s definitely the future of music education.

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