On Daughter's Day, Meet Women Who Are Taking Business to New Heights

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As gender prejudice has been prevalent for centuries with communities across the world preferring a boy child, Daughters' Day helps to fight against the stigma around it and acknowledges the joy of having and raising a girl child. Nowadays, nations across the world encourage parents to spread a message of equality in a society that is considered a hugely patriarchal world.  In today's world daughters have as much potential as sons to change the world.

Women now have been recognized as equal partners in society and families. They are breaking the glass ceiling by choosing unconventional professions, they no longer feel intimidated to enter the spaces which were earlier earmarked for men. Be it logistics or biking, military or mechanics, women are making inroads in unconventional fields.

While earlier sons were the heir-apparent of the family business, the trend is gradually changing. Today, women are increasingly taking over the reins of businesses that their fathers and earlier generations set up, taking them to newer heights.

Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO & President, PM Relocations

As women leave the boundaries of the home and the hearth, they all over the world are embracing leadership roles in industries that were formerly dominated by men. Ms. Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO & President, PM Relocations, is the ideal example of a contemporary female leader who is changing the echelons of power and boardrooms in the corporate setting. She began her impressive journey to become one of the most successful women entrepreneurs at the age of 21. Even though the relocation industry is always considered as a male dominant industry, her entrepreneurial family background has always fascinated her. She inherited the business from her father and has been in charge of the company with the zeal and passion to grow it. Under her guidance & exemplary leadership, the company has grown immensely as she single-handedly opened numerous offices in a short period of time. Taking into account the company's impressive increase in sales from a turnover of INR 3 crore in 2007 to INR 130+ crore at the present, she has contributed to the company's business growing logarithmically into a brand with her distinctive and original approach.

 Niharika Nigam, Director-Business Development, Jumpin Heights

Niharika turned 19 on May 2, 2010, Jumpin Heights was launched by her father Mr. Rahul Nigam. When Niharika got the opportunity to operate her family business she grabbed it with both hands and helped her to take the business to newer heights. Niharika conceptualised and integrated ground breaking ideas, methodology, and techniques into the business module and ensured an engaging experience for adventure fans with her intrinsic love of extreme activity.

As a determined business leader, she maintains a 360 degree approach on every aspect of business to enhance the overall trajectory. She identifies the problem areas and intelligently levels the uneven playing field to ensure rapid growth and success of the organization. Niharika combines great technical erudition, razor sharp analysis, infectious enthusiasm and the ability to reach out to everybody, senior or junior.

 Palak Midha, Founder, Palak Notes

She oversees the organization's content creation, product R&D, in addition to new product launches. Palak Notes is a leading company that provides customers with wellness and fitness services. The brand is more than just a health care company; it is also a community for women, intending to bring healthier, disease-free, and energetic lifestyles to their doorstep. Under her splendid leadership, the brand has grown exponentially. She later realized her rage for being an entrepreneur and decided to build her brand after working for a variety of companies, including gaining extensive experience along the way, known as Rakhi. Unfortunately, the investment opportunity they received from Tata Company did not go through, as well as they are unable to create a brand. However, she did not abandon her dream of becoming an entrepreneur, along with founded Palak Notes. The idea of the venture came to her mind to help people build an immune system with health supplements so the body gets ready to fight the diseases in the environment.

Monica Bindra, CEO & Founder of Laiqa

Monica Bindra is the Founder & CEO at Laiqa. She is a Chemical Engineer with over 15 years experience in market research and has a passion for women hygiene and wellbeing and used her extensive knowledge in the domain to create the most comfortable sanitary pad in India. As an industry leader Monica understood the importance of women and their hygiene and the need for everyone to know about menstrual hygiene in India. At Laiqa, she understands that many women go through rashes, allergies, infections by using plastic pads so we have developed a 93% cotton pad, which is chlorine free and super soft. She wants to create a platform where girls and women can come out openly and discuss menstruation with their families and friends. The brand hopes that one day menstruation ceases to be a taboo. She envisages women taking charge of their personal hygiene and giving it a priority.

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