In Conversation With Raj Rohit Reddy: Tirupati-born US Short Filmmaker

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How Does That Make You Feel’ short film, currently featuring and trending on Disney + Hotstar, was directed by the filmmaker Raj Rohit Reddy, who was born and raised in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. He moved to the US to work as a software engineer but ended up pursuing his passion - filmmaking. 

He has written and directed several short films that went on to win several awards at film festivals including Canadian Diversity Film Festival and Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

In an exclusive interview with Reshmi AR of Sakshi Post, filmmaker Raj Rohit Reddy tells her what made him made How Does That Make You Feel? What movies made him make a mark on the short film scene and much more. 

1) Please tell us about your short film "How Does That Make You Feel"?

It's a comedy short film. Therapists are usually seen as specialists who are wise and self-aware. So I wanted to show how flawed they can really be. The film was heavily influenced by SNL sketches. 

2) Were you always planning for an OTT release or you released it as it has got a good response from the International festival circuit?

I never had OTT on my mind. I submitted the film to a few film festivals and it got great response. Eventually, 'Pocket Short Films' youtube channel reached out to me one day and asked if I'm interested in giving the movie rights to Disney+Hotstar. And that's how it happened. I suggest aspiring filmmakers to contact this youtube channel. 

3) How did you choose this topic for your short film?

I never went to a film school and all my knowledge was from YouTube. I thought the only way I could learn the craft is to put it into action. So I chose a subject that can be shot with just 1-2 actors in one single location without spending a lot of money. We don't see a lot of movies based on therapy and counseling. So I thought it would be a fun subject to explore.

4) Do you think being a filmmaker has helped you get the green card in the US?

Absolutely. I started making short films because I enjoyed the process and storytelling is a form of catharsis for me. But I never had an end goal. By pure accident, I stumbled upon this option. I was skeptical initially because I didn't know anyone who actually applied for a green card as a filmmaker. Most of the attorneys I spoke to said they haven't done it before and it's a long shot but I'm glad I still took it.

5) Do you want to shed some light on the whole process of going ahead with it?

US Immigration grants a green card to accomplished filmmakers. They look at several criteria like press articles, awards, OTT response, film festival exposure etc and evaluate the application on the whole. Gathering all this evidence can be time consuming but it's a thoroughly enjoyable process. And it's definitely doable. I've seen a lot of Indians who are passionate about filmmaking but struggling to make time for it due to visa limitations. I urge them to look into this option. If they have any questions regarding the process, I'm happy to help. I can be reached at

6) Future Projects?

Besides making short films, I have written a few scripts in the last few years. Most of them are dark and allegorical. They won several awards at film festivals and I'm excited to shoot them. And having a green card gives a lot of freedom. 

7) Please tell us about your previous short films too?

In the early days, I was helping out my friends with their short films. After gaining some experience, I decided to venture on my own. I made my first short film 'The Shrink' 7 years ago. It explores heartbreak and bipolar tendencies. 'How Does That Make You Feel?' is my second short film. Rest are all scripts which I'll be shooting soon. 

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