In Conversation with Arun Verma, Founder & CEO of TeacherOn: Online Tutoring Service Offering 10K Subjects

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Online tutoring service is the new buzzword in the Ed-tech industry. Several e-learning platforms in the market are tapping into the potential of Online tutoring as this segment of the Ed-tech industry is set to grow leaps and bounds in the next few years. TeacherOn is one such Ed-tech platform which is making online tutoring seamless for both the students and tutors. Reshmi AR of Sakshi Post caught up with Mr. Arun Verma, Founder & CEO of TeacherOn, who shared the journey from  bootstrap company to a global company, its USP and future plans in this exclusive interview.

1. Kindly brief about the TeacherOn till its inception? 

We are a cutting-edge platform that connects students and teachers for both online and in-person tutoring. While I was in London in 2009 looking for work, I realized on a cold November morning that, despite technological developments, many gaps were still prominent in the education industry. So, I decided to construct a platform to solve the common problem of connectivity for both students and teachers, and I began executing the concepts through coding. We later encountered certain technological issues, and after overcoming various difficulties, we launched the platform TeacherOn in 2010.

We started the brand with the core belief of providing quality education with ease of access to the information and tutors at their fingertips. With the goal of creating a free and user-friendly website for all participants. We provide over 10,000 subjects with a worldwide reach, and also supply local teachers so that students can locate them in their communities and teachers may reach out to relevant students to deliver their services. Apart from tutoring, we also offer online assignment help to students. Furthermore, we envision the exponential growth of the brand by providing education all around the world, regardless of geographical location.

2. How is digital India boosting steps towards digital education?

Since the pandemic, digitalization has empowered a wide range of sectors in Indian society, including education. Digital has enabled us to reach every geographical place and provide quality education to scholars living in underdeveloped areas with few resources. All of this was made feasible by the country's increased internet penetration and smartphone usage. According to Statista, the number of internet users in India will reach 650 million by 2023. The internet penetration rate in our country will increase rapidly as the number of internet users grows.

India is rapidly moving toward digital education. The rapid acceptance of new-age technology and digital devices by schools, colleges, and universities aids in the acceleration of digitalization. Furthermore, the multidimensional steps taken by the government and ed-tech platforms to strengthen digital infrastructure, provide internet connectivity to the most remote areas, design online education programs, and a variety of other initiatives have significantly impacted the digital education drive. The consistent support of the online platform has led the country's digital education to par.  

In the scenario being a cutting edge platform we are intending to use cryptocurrency for accepting payments and paying teachers across the globe. With the rapid rise of digital education, the entire education system is evolving and ready to provide speedy and high-quality education to all who previously had limited or no access to education.  In the nutshell, thanks to technology for making it feasible and for bringing digital education to every corner of India.

3. How is the TeacherOn platform different from other Ed-tech platforms?

TeacherOn, like many businesses, faced numerous hurdles, but surpassed them all. There is a widespread belief that internet education is frivolous. TeacherOn had to demonstrate through its product service and customer experience, which was a challenging task. However, several qualities give TeacherOn a competitive advantage in the market. One of our platform's primary USPs is the hand-holding of students and teachers and connecting them for both online and in-person tutoring. Furthermore, most websites are designed for a particular country. We began globally, and the entire website is geared toward a global audience.

The websites that have teachers from all around the world solely provide online tutoring. We are the only website that lists teachers for offline instruction all around the world. The majority of websites have 5-10 key topics. Others go all the way up to 100. We have over 10,000 subjects in our database.

All websites charge a certain fee for their services. Our pricing varies depending on where you are - in the city or beyond. This enables us to serve poor locations at no cost. We are open and honest about how we work, how the programme functions, how we make judgments, and what our limitations are. Currently, the platform has more than 500,000 unique visitors every month. 

4. What is the scenario of E-learning platforms in an aspect of education after the post-pandemic world?

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc in myriad sectors globally, including the education sector in both developed and underdeveloped countries. During the pandemic, when schools and universities were closed, the e-learning platform appeared as a blessing in disguise, providing education. As a result, students were able to receive continuing education from one of the top teachers while sitting at home. Needless to say, e-learning platforms have been shown to be extremely effective in the aftermath of the pandemic and will have a huge impact in the future.

5. How is digital education transforming the education sector in India?

In India, the digital transformation of education is the new normal and a tremendous breakthrough. Digital transformation was already underway in the school sector before the arrival of COVID-19, but the epidemic has accelerated the process dramatically. Following the outbreak, the education sector has embraced digital education among students, educators, and parents. The digital actions that educational facilitators take will change the face of learning for decades to come. The digital transformation of education in India will aid in the development of new pedagogies as well as the enhancement of existing ones.

With technology improvements, the learning platform and the government are preparing to improve the learning experience. India is currently in an excellent position to provide technical assistance to the education sector. Furthermore, after the pandemic action, it is only for the benefit of all those involved with the education system to embrace the shift rather than lose years or years from their educational career by waiting for normalcy to return. The transition is leading to educational success for many students and institutions, so it should be widely adopted and everyone should be able to realize the full benefits of it. As a result, digital education is critical to restoring India's education system.

6. What are the future and business plans of TeacherOn?

So far, starting as a bootstrap company we have cherished our journey by overcoming every obstacle in our path. Being a cutting edge platform to build connections between teacher and student we are on a mission to make every teacher searchable in the world for students, locally and globally. We also strive to link students with teachers within 24 hours of posting the criteria. In the adventure to be on the top we are creating a marketplace where teachers can sell their materials, such as question papers, PowerPoint presentations, and answer keys. In the times ahead, we will begin using cryptocurrency to accept payments and pay teachers all over the world. Furthermore, also begin live tutoring, where a student can come at any time and receive assistance from a live tutor, initially will start with Maths and gradually expand to include other subjects. Additionally, we intend to expand our footprints in previously untapped global markets in the coming years.

As CEO and Founder of TeacherOn, I believe in the concept of excellence, and that in order for students to become pioneers in their professions, they must be supplied with quality education, as well as easy access to information and instructors.

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