Christmas 2021: Bring In The Festive Joy With These Cake Baking Techniques

Christmas 2021: Bring In The Festive Joy With These Cake Baking Techniques - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Christmas is approaching, and no celebration is complete without indulging in some delectable cake.

The celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday is also an excellent opportunity to experiment with a new cake decorating techniques.

These fast and easy dessert ideas will wow your holiday visitors and add a festive touch to your dessert table.

Candy-Cranberry Cake: When you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen for a special event, this is the easiest cake to make at home. You only need to start with a doctored cake mix recipe and then garnish the entire cake with store-bought red and green candies for this unique delicacy. This recipe may be used to produce a two-or three-tier cake, as well as different types of seasonal sweets and dried cranberries.

Santa Claus Face Cake: This cake is perfect for any occasion, especially if you have young children at home. Cakes are a form of treat that no one can refuse, but when they're made with a little imagination, they look much better. The baking technique for this joyful Santa Face cake is simple, but the icing and decoration of this kuchen must be highlighted.

You must wait until the cake bread cools down after starting with the doctored cake mix recipe. To acquire the colours you desire, buy a white sugar paste and colour it using food colouring. To keep the sugar paste from becoming too sticky, use gel-based pigments rather than liquid dyes. On a sheet of paper, draw the face of Santa, which will be used as a stencil later. Roll out some sugar paste and cut out the shapes as shown in the picture. Stick the item into place by brushing water on the back of it.

Cake with Twizzlers: This is one of the simplest cake recipes you can make at home, and the greatest thing is that the vivid frosting will appeal to children. Allow the two chocolate cake bases to cool fully after baking. One cake should be placed on a cake stand and iced with white frosting. Place the other cake on top, gently pressing it down, and frost the entire cake. This icing will act as glue when you adhere red and green Twizzlers to the cake's border. Twizzlers may be trimmed to fit the height of your cake. Tie a ribbon in the shape of a gorgeous bow around the Twizzlers to keep them safe. Candies, jewels, and choco balls should be strewn throughout the top of the cake.

Snowflake White Forest Rum Cake: The traditional Christmas dessert is rum cake. This cake is made with dried fruits that have been steeped in rum for days before being put into a dough made with sugar that has been caramelised in water. Follow this recipe to add originality to your simple rum cake, making it even more tasty and appealing! For a buttercream-covered cake, pipe some candy melt snowflakes. The butter will be whipped for 2-3 minutes to make the buttercream. In a mixing bowl, combine the beaten butter, cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and a sprinkle of salt.

Divide the frosting into two batches after it has reached a frothy consistency. One will be left white, while the other will be tinted red using food colouring. Melted candy melts in the microwave to form snowflakes. Snip off the tip of the piping bag and transfer it to it. With the assistance of a stencil, pipe snowflakes onto parchment paper. After frosting the entire cake with icing, begin decorating the cake. Don't forget to include the rum-soaked dried fruits in the cake bread dough.

Traditional Plum Cake: Combine orange juice, lemon juice, and water in a saucepan. Cook the liquid mixture with the cranberries and dry fruits of your choice until the sauce thickens. Bake the cake using a doctored cake mix recipe that includes winter spices, orange zest, and soaked dried fruits.

Make sure the ingredients aren't overmixed at this point. Set aside a tiny amount of the soaked dry fruits for the topping. Bake for 50–55 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Serve the cake hot, topped with the remaining soaked fruits.

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