BOREALIS 2022 at ATRI: 3 Days of Fun-filled Techno Cultural Literary Fest

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Aurora’s Technological and Research Institute(ATRI) of Uppal celebrated the National Level Techno-Cultural-Literary fest, BOREALIS on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of June, 2022. Aurora has always reinforced that academic research has played a pivotal role in finding solutions and enhancing the quality of life. The three-day fest was designed to adhere to its motto, ‘Learning Beyond the Classroom’ in terms of the diverse activities that were planned for the students.

The long-awaited fest started off symbolically, with the release of Helium balloons into the air representing Fly High Without Restrictions. The Inaugural ceremony on the 23rd, saw the students and faculty brimming with enthusiasm to be a part of this most anticipated event. 

The first day was packed with all sorts of Technical Activities from all departments. Among these activities Technical Quizzes, Paper and Poster Presentation were the common ones for which we had zealous participation of more than 950 students including the students from Chennai and Karnataka. 

The second day kicked off the Literary and Cultural Activities. The Cultural activities incorporated singing and dancing competitions all day long for which the participation count was around 150 students. As for the Literary aspect, we had various Writing and Speaking Activities. Apart from these activities, we had a Nightathon on the 24th night, where we had a performance by Squad4 Band and Helios, our college band, followed by games and movie night. 

Day 3 of the fest was the Grand Finale which saw more than 2000 spectators, and had a line-up of performances by the cultural competition winners. On this day, we had Dr. D. S. Setty, an Outstanding Scientist from NFC as our Chief Guest who distributed the prizes for the Technical Activities. 

As for the Literary Activities, the prizes were given out by our Distinguished Guest Dr. T. Vijay Kumar, the Director of Hyderabad Literary Festival. Our Guest of Honor, Krishna Chaitanya-a Singer, distributed the prizes for the Cultural Activities. It was also packed with attractions like the extraordinary performance by a local band called El Taxidi, an appearance by actor Syed Sohel and an exceptional performance by singer Krishna Chaitanya, along with a beatbox performance by an alumnus Dikshit DBX. 

For the duration of 3 days of the fest, we had several food stalls along with beverages and fun stalls by our students. We also had a Royal Enfield stall which offered test rides and had various accessories to buy. We also had great support and sponsorships from ChaloOverseas, Manac Infotech, Akruthi Printers and DSL Mall. 

~By Paineni Vaishnavi

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