Astro Numerology Tips for Creating Favourable Social Media Handles

Astro Numerology Tips for Creating Favourable Social Media Handles - Sakshi Post

Since marketing evolves and shifts, it looks like there are continuously novel platforms and tactics being hyped as the next most vital thing. We can keep in touch with each of them. However, every so often, one comes along that truly brings the results they all guarantee. 

Why is social media important nowadays?

Social media carries great importance as it provides various businesses a means to connect one-to-one with their target audience and cherish them into clients.

In numerous marking campaigns, a majority of the target recipients are opportunities at best. They might or might not be impressed with your offers. You cannot be certain they will make the most of the offer or even consider reviewing it. This isn’t the situation of many of your followers on social media, which is a major reason why social media is vital for companies like yours.

It makes things easier for the followers to share your content and advertisements. Although they do not want to straightaway share, they can speak positively about you and direct traffic to your site or social media accounts. 

Numerology and social media

Social Media platforms and presence are gaining more traction, volume, and recognition which is increasing with every passing day.

Everything shared and posted by someone is considered an official word being represented i.e., it has become a shadow of a person in the eye of the public.

With social media getting evolved as the shadow of a person, it has become the need of the hour to synchronize our social media presence that suits your date of birth, name, and elements of your profession.

Some DIY Tips for social media

Social Media Handle Name

Many of us go by different names on social media. It is absolutely essential to select a social media name that is suitable to a person’s DoB.

Never ever chose a name that is not in sync with DoB (Just for fun names), as this will impact life negatively, most of the time, in an irreversible manner.

Custom URL

Always personalize your custom URL on social media so as to avoid any random allocation which may not be suited to a person

This is one of parameters which I have observed ignored by a significant number of people.

Social Media Descriptions

One can use healing number sequences, switch words, and yantras in their description to enhance the magnetic aura of social media profiles and also, protect self from evil eyes.


Color is another form of energy that nature has gifted us. We must use colors which are suited to one's DoB and Name.

All social media posts, DPs, and Videos should include suitable colors to enhance its public perception

Time of Post

Every day each person undergoes through their own personal day and hour. In our research, we came across that posting on the suited personal hour and muhurt, enhances the reach of the post and avoids unsolicited negative reactions to it

Selection of Passwords

Carefully select a password that is complex, secure, and at the same time, numerologically suited to the person’s DoB and Name.

Our passwords are like a key, which is used by the system to identify us, hence their synchronization is also very important in the current time.

The evolving landscape and competitive world, need one to be proactive and thinking ahead of life. Numerology when used in the right spirit can prove as a boon to be proactive and design-led thinking which is futuristic and growth enabler for the person/business.

The author, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, is Founder NumroVani & Astro Numerologist.

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