Amazon Daily Quiz Answers For July 5 2021, Win Pay Balance Worth 25K

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These are the Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for On July 5th, 2021. Here's your chance to win Rs 25000 in Amazon Pay Balance.

Here are the questions and answers from Amazon's quiz for today (July 5th). You have a chance to win Rs. 25K if you answer these five questions by midnight.

Every day, the e-commerce giant Amazon hosts a quiz on its app. It selects and awards prizes to one of the winners who correctly answered the five questions in this quiz. Those who successfully answer these questions in today's quiz (July 5) will be eligible to win Rs 25,000 in Amazon Pay Balance.

First question: Shaji NM, who was recently awarded the India Biodiversity Award 2021, is popularly known as ________ of Kerala. Fill in the blanks

Answer: Tuber Man

Second question: What are A-74 & A-76, discovered at the Weddell Sea in May 2021?

Answer: Icebergs

Third Question: In 2021, Chadalavada Anandha Sundhararaman Bhavani Devi became the first-ever Indian to qualify for what sport in the Olympics?

Answer: Fencing

Fourth question: Which Polish video game franchise is this character known for?

Answer: The Witcher

Fifth question: A character from which famous children's book is shown here?

Answer: Alice in Wonderland

Previously, the window for answering these questions was only open until 12 p.m. This quiz, however, is only available on the Amazon app, so those interested in participating must first download the app. Changes were made to make it accessible 24 hours a day. The winners will be revealed the following day (July 6).

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