Your Google Search Can Land You In Fraudsters' Trap!

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Many cyber scams have been reported in Hyderabad.

It helps to be on guard as fraudsters are scouting the internet for potential victims 

Are you looking for anything specific on the internet? Did you receive a notification that your bank account's funds have been depleted? Are you transferring money using a debit card? Here's why you must use extreme caution!!

Cybercrime in Hyderabad: Many crimes are committed without the victim's knowledge, at least in this digital age. We have no clue how to combat the third eye (fraudsters), which is always watching us. By establishing contact through Facebook requests, several criminals have already stolen money under the pretext of gifts. New scams, however, surface on a regular basis.

Even if you look for anything online, or search for something on Google, or get a notification that money has disappeared from your account and click on the link provided, or pay for things with a debit card, undetected scams occur. Hundreds of thousands of rupees have been lost as a result of these schemes devised by con artists. The cybercrime cases that have been recorded thus far are terrifying.

Syed Majeed Hussain of Hyderabad Old City searched the internet (Google) for dental surgical instruments. Someone contacted him, claiming to be able to provide the equipment based on his search history. Hussein had placed his order over the phone, mistaking the call to be from the company's customer care department. He paid Rs 2.70 lakhs for it. He went to the cybercrime police and reported the incident after realising the call was a hoax.

A similar scam occurred in yet another instance. Money was allegedly taken from Abdul Samad's bank account in Mehidipatnam. To get the money back, he quickly dialled the number provided in a notification he got on his cellphone. He clicked on a link given by fraudsters claiming to be able to reclaim the lost money. His OTPs were discovered after that, and the crooks took more than Rs. 6 lakhs from his account.

Something unexpected happened when a young woman went to pay her course fee at a UK-based university. Fraudsters approached her online and asked her to send money via Western Union to the university in the United Kingdom to pay the fee. Her debit card was only used to make a two-lakh-rupee payment, but her bank account was used to withdraw four lakh rupees. The victim reported the theft to the cybercrime authorities when the first two lakhs vanished, followed by another two lakhs.

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