Woman's Narrow Escape From Being Run Over by Train, Deets Inside

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The railway authorities saved a woman's life at Firozabad railway station, on Friday. In a CCTV footage, the woman can be seen crossing railway lines while she struggles to go up the platform only seconds before a train arrives. She then screamed for help, and a railway officer can be seen rushing to the scene and rescued her. "We saw a woman crossing the railway line as a train approached, and as I raced from one end, another railway official went from the other, and he was able to reach to her just in time, and she was rescued," said Shivlal Meena GRP Constable.The quick passing train immediately crosses the tracks and the woman is saved by the official's prompt response.

Earlier, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Lucknow filed a case against Salman Khan's doppelganger, Azam Ansari, for filming an Instagram video on the railway lines. Azam Ansari, a content creator and Salman Khan fan, created a video for his Instagram on the train tracks in Lucknow. In the footage, Azam can be seen wandering half-naked on the railway lines in Daliganj. He was spotted laying down and smoking a cigarette. He based his reel on Salman Khan's blockbuster song 'Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai,' from the film Tere Naam. RPF Lucknow issued a FIR against him for his careless behaviour of making a reel on the railway line.

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