Woman in Jarkiholi Sex Tape Releases Video

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In the latest development to the Jarkiholi sex tape scandal, the woman in the video has now opened up about what she has faced. She alleged that she has received many death threats and that even her parents are now suffering.

The woman who was involved in the Karnataka BJP leader Ramesh Jarkiholi scandal video released her statement in Kannada. She addressed the video to Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai and said that she has no idea what these people had done with the video. She shared that she has been stripped of her dignity. Every day people come to my house; they question me and my parents. Due to all this, my parents tried committing suicide. Even I tried ending my life several times.

She further added that she did what Jarkiholi asked her to do. “He promised me a job, so I did what he asked me to do. But later he went ahead and released the video. I do not have any political support. I am all alone and scared for my safety. All I request is for protection.”

Jarkiholi claimed that all this part of a big conspiracy. Following this, the Bengaluru police registered a case of conspiracy. Days after resigning from the post of Water Resources Minister of Karnataka, Ramesh Jarkiholi spoke on the sex scandal. He said that there is no truth to the videotape and this all is a big conspiracy. He further claimed to know the name of the person behind all this.

Jarkiholi also added that this scandal has hurt him a lot. He further claimed that there is one person behind this conspiracy. But I cannot share the name of the person. All I can add is that the planning for this conspiracy took place at two places in Bengaluru - the Fourth floor of Yeshwanthpur police station and on the fifth floor of somewhere near Orion Mall.

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