Woman Kills Daughter By Throwing Her Into Well In Vizianagaram

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VIZIANAGARAM: Unable to bear her husband's harassment, a mother allegedly killed her four-year-old-daughter by throwing her into a well in Tallavalasa village here.

According to police, a man named Srinu from Tallavalasa village of Denkada mandal in Vizianagaram got married to Maha Lakshmi nine years ago.

After giving birth to their first daughter, the couple started arguing with each other frequently. Due to frequent quarrels and misunderstanding between the couple, Srinu forced Lakshmi to go to her parents house.

Srinu stayed along with his daughter in Tallavalasa village. Srinu's wife became pregnant for the second time and gave birth to the second child, Ramya four years ago at her maternal house.

Things turned ugly when Srinu started suspecting Lakshmi that she was having an extra-marital affair. Recently, Srinu agreed to bring back Lakshmi along with his daughter Ramya after the village Panchayat members convinced him to get back his wife and child.

However, Srinu didn't change his mind and continued to harass his wife and he mounted pressure on her to kill the second child Ramya. Fed up with her husband's torture, Lakshmi decided to end her life along with Ramya and went near well at around 2 am. She threw her daughter into the well and listening to the screams of the child, she got frightened later changed her mind and decided not to die by suicide and returned home.

Police who got information from the family members over the missing child found the dead body of the girl in the well and started investigation over the case.

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