Warangal: Cyber Criminals Hack Damera Police Station Facebook Account, Seek Money

 - Sakshi Post

In recent times, the rate of cybercrime has gone up. In the latest development, cybercriminals have committed another kind of fraud by hacking into the Warangal Police station Facebook account. According to police, about a year ago, a police officer opened a Facebook account under the name of Damera Police station to enable better police services to the people.

The old account is no longer being used by the police officer as he created a new one. Two days ago, cybercriminals hacked into the old Facebook account belonging to Damera Police Station. On Sunday night, messages were sent from the old FB account to several people asking to send money via Google and the phone pay app.

A few people who realised that this could be a fraud brought it to the attention of Damera SI Bhaskar Reddy. The cybercrime unit from the Commissionerate immediately responded to the request and blocked the old Facebook account. Fortunately, nobody had sent money to the fraudsters.

Police suspect that a gang from Madhya Pradesh committed this fraud. Damera SI said that a case had been registered and investigation is on to trace the root of this fraud. 

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