Vizag Polygamist Attracted Women With Telugu Movie Dialogues

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There is a new twist to the case in which a Vizag man was accused of marrying several women. During the preliminary investigation, it was learned that Arun Kumar married nine women but after checking his call data, police are assuming that the list of girls is way higher. As per the police, Arun Kumar, who watched a lot of movies trapped girls with famous dialogues from movies.

Arun would then secretly marry them and then after a while for want of money, he would force them into prostitution. The women alleged that Arun also threatened to kill them if they refused his proposal. Most of the girls who were trapped by Arun revealed the same thing. However, this whole thing came to light after two women dared to approach the Women Welfare Associations.

As per sources, DGP Sawang has ordered Visakhapatnam DCP Aishwarya Rastogi to personally supervise the investigation of the case. The DGP has said that if there were any other women who had been victimised by Arun Kumar, they can directly consult DCP Aishwarya.

Meanwhile, the police have gathered information from two victims who have already lodged a complaint in the case.  Evidence has already been gathered to prove that Arun was involved in prostitution and cannabis smuggling.

Police are also investigating the suspicious death of the husband of a woman who lodged a complaint in the case. However, the victim also alleged that the deceased was Arun Kumar's friend and was killed by Arun Kumar.

On the other hand, a few deadly weapons were found in Arun Kumar's house which has led to more suspicion. The police are trying to identify the persons who assisted Arun to attempt these crimes.

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