Vijayawada: Daughter Tortures Aged Parents After Land Transferred To Her Name

 - Sakshi Post

In a shocking incident, a daughter has been accused of cheating her parents. The incident took place in the Krishna district. As per the details available, Konda Brahmanandam had been residing along with his wife in the 12th ward of Pedana Brahmapuram. 

The daughter of the couple who was living in Eluru asked the parents to stay with her as they were old. The parents felt happy and went to their daughter's home. 

Malluri Lakshmi behaved in a kind manner for a few days. The parents who trusted their daughter gave their land measuring 473 square yards to her. After getting the land into her hands, Malluri Lakshmi showed her true colors. She tortured her parents. The parents, who were shocked to see her behavior, filed a complaint at a nearby police station. The Police have registered a case under the senior citizen act - 2007.

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