Vijayawada Man Arrested For Fake Instagram Accounts In Women's Names, Blackmails Using Fake Nude Pics

 - Sakshi Post

A man creates fake Instagram profiles in the name of girls and sends friend requests to young women. He chats like a girl and traps them with his words. He starts sex chatting after befriending them. He downloads a few semi nude photographs of girls from internet and uploads them on his fake Instagram profile. He asks other girls to send their photos as well. After chatting for a few days,  the man (seen as a girl to the viewers) would start asking them intimate questions and request them to send their private photos. He saves those photos and starts blackmailing the girls if they say no to his requests. More than 70 girls have been trapped. Finally, a young woman who has fallen into his trap filed a complaint with the police.

Cyber Crime police station of Cyberabad registered a complaint and started investigating in all the possible angles. According to the police, Sumanth who is a native of Vijayawada, has been living in Manikonda, Hyderabad for some time. He was working in a private company. He would create fake Instagram profiles and uploads photos of beautiful girls downloaded from internet. He uses one of the beautiful pic as his profile pic. He sends friend requests to the girls and chats with them like a girl. Later, he starts sex chatting and collects semi nude, nude photos and videos of the girls. He would blackmail the girls by threatening to post their nude photos and videos of the girls on social media if they refuse his proposals.

Cyber police urge woman to be cautious while using social media. 

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