Vijayawada Loco Pilots Avert Young Boy's Suicide Bid On Railway Track

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An alert loco pilot who saw a young boy on the railway track in a bid to end his life saved him. The incident happened in Vijayawada

Every day, we hear of people ending their lives by sleeping on railway tracks or jumping in front of a train. Not just the person losing life, such attempts could also cause a train to derail as a loco pilot cannot halt the train so abruptly. However, an alert loco pilot on a train, who noticed a young boy lying on the track, hit the brakes to save his life. The train was used to transport the injured man.

Getting into the finer points. A train was approaching Vijayawada on its way from Mumbai to Kakinada. A young man was attempting to end his life by lying on the track near the station. He was, however, detected barely 100 metres away by the train's locomotive pilots. The emergency brake was immediately applied. When the train came to an abrupt stop, passengers fled, unsure of what had happened.

However, when the train engine collided with the young man's legs, he lost both legs. Hanumatha Rao and his assistant Raghuramraju got out and rushed to the back bogie, where they pulled the young man out. The dismembered feet were wrapped in a polythene bag and loaded into the same train's bogie. Officials from Krishna Canal station were notified right away.

The authorities and police were immediately notified after alerting the Vijayawada railway station, and an ambulance was waiting on platform number 5. He was taken to the Government Hospital as soon as the train arrived in Vijayawada. The young man was identified as Prithvi from Nulakapeta in Thadepalli, Guntur district, and family members were alerted. At this point, it's unclear why he intended to use suicide as a means of death.

He is presently unable to talk, according to police, and the cause of his suicide remains unknown. He seems to have escaped death for the time being. Aside from spotting the young man and halting the train, the passengers praised the loco pilots for saving his life. 

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