Unidentified Men Barge Into Actor Mohan Babu's Residence, Issues Warning

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HYDERABAD: Tension simmered at the residence of Tollywood actor Mohan Babu after four unidentified persons forcefully trespassed into the senior actor's house. The miscreants issued warnings to the security guards at the gate of dreadful consequences against the actor.

Mohan Babu was not present in the house at the time of the incident which took place at around 5 pm in Shamshabad here on Saturday, August 1.

According to police, a group of four men came in a Toyota Innova car and barged into the house "Manchu Township" immediately after the watchman opened the gate as one of the persons from inside the house was going out on a bike.

The incident falls under the limits of Pahadi Shareef Police Station.

Police said that the watchman was not cautious during the time of incident. After entering the house, the men threatened the actor by shouting 'we won't spare you'.

Babu has filed a police complaint at Pahadi Shareef Police Station and a probe is underway.

Assessing the CCTV footage, police found that the men were in a car numbered 'AP31AN0004'.

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