TV Advertisement Lures Woman Into Fake Baba Trap

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Another fake Baba in Hyderabad city

The woman who contacted him after seeing the ad on cable TV

He stole Rs 4 lakhs in the name of prayers

Hyderabad: “Worried about your marriage? Are you in financial trouble? Are your children not getting married? Contact us once. We will solve all your problems in a pinch.” Cable TV and social media ads are sure to deceive you into believing that everything in your life is going to be better now. Similarly, a woman from the Amberpet area in Hyderabad was caught in a trap by a fake Baba and was cheated for Rs 4 lakhs. After she got to know the truth, she turned to the Cyber Crime Police for help.

A woman from Amberpet saw Jafar Khan Baba's advertisement on cable TV and called the phone numbers on it. A woman who contacted a fake Baba after seeing an advertisement on cable TV was deceived. In the name of prayers, Ketugadu stole about Rs 4 lakhs from her in installments.

‘My husband has been away from me for a while due to quarrels between us. We need to get rid of all our problems and be together. You have to find a solution for this yourself, 'she told Baba.

The person who spoke from the other side on the phone charged Rs 5,600 saying that, "Baba would perform special pujas to solve all your problems," and that she had to register her name before she could talk to Baba personally. He transferred Rs 33,000 and Rs 42,000 in installments from her in the name of prayers.

A few days later he asked if there were any forces preventing him from praying in her name, asking for special items to remove those forces, and asked her to send another Rs 60,000 for them.

The woman sent the money, fearing that someone in her family would die if the prayers stopped. Ketugadu called again the next day saying, “You sent the money late yesterday. So, the prayers did not go as planned. It must be done from scratch again. Send the same amount of cash again."

The person who called her on a daily basis took a total of Rs 4 lakhs from her in installments. However, the victim realized on Thursday that she had been deceived by the phone calls asking her to send some more money.

The woman then has approached the Hyderabad cyber crime police. Police have registered a case against Jafar Khan Baba and found that a similar case of cheating had been registered in the past. Cybercrime police warn that believing and responding to advertisements on city cable channels can lead to similar deception.

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