Tribal Girl Ends Life in Saidabad, Parents Suspect Sexual Assault

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Hyderabad: A horrific incident took place in Khaja Bagh under the limits of the Saidabad police station. A 9-year-old tribal girl was allegedly sexually assaulted, raped, murdered, and made to look like a suicide.

In the case, of such atrocity on their daughter, the parents have demanded justice from the police officials. 

The mother of the deceased victim told reporters on Sunday, that her daughter was unaware of the concept of suicide, and that someone must have deliberately killed her and made it look like a suicide.

The parents of the victim begged for justice for their daughter's death. Police have registered the case and are waiting for the postmortem report to take the investigation further.

Police said that they were also investigating with all sorts of clues from all different angles. And the teams have found that the girl was observed to be hanging with a plastic wire from the ceiling, according to family members, locals, and doctors.

The parents also said that they lodged a complaint that their daughter had been raped and murdered and that the matter was being investigated by the police.

Police said that the investigation would be intensified and taken further as soon as the forensic reports were received and that soon the facts would be revealed to all.

Sevya Nayak and Jyoti, who live in Khaja Bagh, have three children. On the 23rd of this month (March), they went out for work as usual as they are daily wagers. However, when they returned in the afternoon, they were shocked to find their 9-year-old daughter naked and dead in the hut.

The girl's body was found naked, hanging from the ceiling with a plastic wire and with minor bruises on the neck and face, and scratches with nails on her body.

Upon noticing all this, the parents suspected that their daughter was sexually abused and murdered. And the parents then lodged a complaint with the police. Upon receiving the complaint, the police rushed to the spot, inspected the premises and shifted the victim's body to Osmania Hospital for postmortem, and later handed over the body to the parents after the postmortem.

(The victim's identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per the Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault.)

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