Telangana MLAs Took Drugs At Bengaluru Party: Police Probe Reveals

 - Sakshi Post

Sandeep Reddy is said to have revealed to the police that four MLAs from Telangana not only attended the party in Bengaluru but also consumed drugs

Sensational details have come to light in the Bangalore drugs case. Police have linked the case to Hyderabad-based businessmen Sandeep Reddy and Kalahar Reddy and probing their involvement in the vase. It is learned that the two, who run pubs and hotels in Bangalore, used to throw parties to Telangana celebrities

According to police, four Telangana MLAs and several film personalities had participated in Sandeep and Kalahar parties. It was also revealed that Sandeep and Kalahar were financing films of Kannada filmmaker Shankar Gowda. 

The Bangalore police have arrested a Nigerian man in connection with a recent drug case. The Bangalore police have issued notices to the three businessmen. While Kalahar Reddy and Shankar Gowda have been hiding from the police, Sandeep Reddy has already been questioned by the Bangalore police.

Now, more startling things have come to light. Sandeep said that Kalaharreddy would host parties for  people's representatives. Among the invitees are several MLAs and film personalities from Telangana. According to Sandeep, four MLAs from Telangana were seen at the parties and four MLAs are said to have consumed drugs.

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