Telangana Lawyer Drowns With Family After Car Falls Into SRSP Canal In Jagtial

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Two Dead...One Missing

Jayant came out safe

Jagitial: On Monday there was a disastrous accident, which took place near Medipally Mandal, at Katlakunta. The car dived badly into the SRSP canal as three of them in the car are dead and one escaped from this accident.

Those in the car were the lawyer, Katkurwar Amarendar Rao, his wife Shirisha, their daughter Shreya and son Jayanth were on their way to Joginipali temple.

Until Jayant came out of the canal and told everyone that the car is drowned in the canal nobody knew about the incident. As soon as the police and revenue officials came to know about the incident they stopped the water from flowing into the canal. As it will be easy to search for the car and people drowned. All three, lawyer Katkurwar Amarendar Rao, his wife Shirisha, their daughter Shreya were declared dead. The authorities took out the car with the help of Crane. The locals told that Katkurwar Amarendar Rao worked as a local lawyer in Jagityal.

MLA Sanjay visited the spot of the accident as soon as he came to know about it. Jayant who came out safe did not want to speak out. Maybe he must be in a condition of shock.

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