Tamil Nadu Woman Dies After Father Takes Sick Daughter To Tantric Instead Of Hospital in Ramanathapuram

 - Sakshi Post

People still believe in superstitions. In a very shocking incident, a 19 year old girl died because of her father's faith in tantric pujas. The incident took place in Ramanthapuram district of Tamil Nadu.

Going into the details, the deceased was identified as Tharani. She died at Uchipuli Primary Health Care Center. According to the police, she had injuries on her neck and back.

Cops said that Tharani's father Veera Selvam, an ardent believer in superstitions had taken the sick daughter to a tantric instead of taking her to a hospital. Veera Selvam believed that she was possessed by the ghost of her mother who had died a few years ago. It is said that the girl fell ill after she visited the grave of her mother recently.

Veera Selvam took his daugther to a tantric to exorcise the spirit of her body. She was canned severely by the tantric. She fell unconscious and then was taken to the hospital. Doctors performed various tests and the results came stating that she was infected with Typhoid. The father again took his daughter to another tantric and slowly the health of Tharani deteriorated. On Wednesday, she died in a PHC. Police registered a case and had questioned Veera Selvam.

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