Tadepalli: Student Falls To Death Trying To Sneak Friend Into Ladies Hostel

Tadepalli:  KL University BBA Student Falls To Death Trying To Sneak Friend Into Ladies Hostel - Sakshi Post

TADEPALLI/GUNTUR: In a freak accident, a BBA student was killed on Sunday night when he fell off the fifth floor of a building while trying to escape from a security guard who saw him trying to sneak in his girlfriend into her hostel.

The incident came to light after the deceased's father filed a complaint at the Tadepalli Rural police station in Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh.

As per reports Neti Venkata Vinay Kumar (20), a resident of Netivaripalem village, Kondapi Mandal in Prakasam district was studying BBA first year in KL University at Vaddeswaram near Guntur. On Sunday, he along with his friend Bandla Manishwar Choudhary called their classmates who were staying at the same university students' hostel for women at around 7.30 pm.

After the couples left the hostel premises, fellow students in the hostel informed the couples over the phone that the security guard was watching and told them to come back immediately. The couples returned and tried to jump over the hostel‌ wall and enter inside.

One of the two female students went inside successfully, while another student slipped and fell as she was unable to scale the wall.

The watchman who saw what was happening shouted at them who were waiting outside. Fear over getting caught Vinay Kumar along with the girl ran up another building next to the ladies hostel.

The watchman in the other building also saw them and started shouting at them as he was climbing the stairs. The girl meanwhile stopped running and stayed put on the stairs while Vinay Kumar on the other hand, ran up the building, climbed a metal shed on top of the fifth floor and accidentally slipped fell down from there and died on the spot.

The hostel management immediately rushed Vinay Kumar to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival. The boy's friend Manishwar Choudhury informed the boy's parents about the incident.

 As per the information given by their friends the deceased and the girl were said to be in love since five years from their Intermediate college days in Guntur.

The two were said to be meeting frequently even after joining the same university. Fellow students claim that it is a well-known fact that they would often go out together and were joined by another couple from the same class.

A pall of gloom descended in the home of the deceased boy Vinay Kumar who is the only son of  Prasanthi and Ramakrishna who works as a Village Revenue Officer in Netivaripalem.

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