Suryapet: Woman Sacrifices Daughter To Get Rid Of Sarpadosham

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A woman in Suryapet killed her minor child on Thursday when her husband had gone to visit a relative.

She phoned her mother to inform her that she had "sacrificed" her daughter.

Based on a complaint filed by her husband, the police charged the woman with murder under the Indian Penal Code.

Suryapet: In a horrifying incident, a mother sacrificed her six-month-old daughter to God to free herself from "evil spirits."

A 32-year-old woman, a young mother, sacrificed her six-month-old daughter to God to free herself from "evil spirits." The accused holds a degree in B.Sc as well as B.Ed. The gut-wrenching crime took place in Mothe Mandal of the Suryapet district of Telangana.

The accused, identified as Banoth Bharathi, holds a degree in B.Sc as well as B.Ed, and she was preparing for a job in the police force and also other competitive exams.

Around eight years back, she got married to a man from Telangana's Mahabubabad area. However, they broke up after a few days of marriage.

Later, she got into a relationship with a man called Krishna. Bharathi, after divorcing her first husband, tied the knot with Krishna, an agriculturist, a few years ago.

They continued their relationship and had a daughter, despite her family's objections.  The couple lived at Mothey. They were blessed with a baby girl six months ago.

There are multiple reports stating different reasons over how Bharathi came to be involved in such a crime. One of the reports revealed that around five years ago, somebody had told Bharthi that she had ‘Sarpadosham’ which was having a negative impact on her life.

Another report revealed that a fortune-teller visited their house and told Bharathi she had naga dosham and asked her to perform a 'puja' to get rid of it. He also asked her to sacrifice a male or female child born to her.

Following such frivolous suggestions, Bharathi was said to have been very agitated recently. Banoth Bharathi had started watching a lot of spiritual videos on YouTube recently. Locals said that Bharathi had been performing q lot of pujas over the past few months.

“According to her family members, Bharthi used to constantly go through various videos on YouTube, to know how to overcome ‘Sarpadosham’,” the report quoted the police as saying.

She allegedly decided to kill her infant daughter as a “sacrifice” to overcome ‘Sarpadosham’. After murdering the child, she told her family members that she saved their lives by "sacrificing" the child.

On Thursday, Krishna, at the time of the incident, had gone to visit a relative while his mother was at the farming field. His elderly father was sleeping outside the house. Taking it as an opportunity Bharathi sacrificed her daughter Ritu to God. Bharti killed her infant daughter by slitting her throat with a knife, and then called up a relative (Mother) to confess to the crime.

The relative, upon learning about the crime, came rushing to Bharthi’s house and found the infant girl’s blood-soaked body. A photo of a god was kept near the body.

After committing the crime, Bharathi was said to be roaming around by herself, and when Krishna and his parents arrived and asked her the whereabouts of Ritu, she did not respond. After reaching home, the family found Ritu dead with her throat slit with a god's photograph beside her.

Subsequently, her family members immediately approached the police. The police took Bharathi into custody and registered a case against her. Her mental state is also being considered. Based on a complaint by her husband, the police have charged her with murder under the Indian Penal Code.

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