Sullurupeta YSRCP Councillor Stabbed In Broad Day Light

 - Sakshi Post

NELLORE: A YSRCP councillor Thalluru Venkatasuresh (49) was brutally murdered in broad daylight on Monday at Sullurupeta town in Nellore district.  According to police, Venkatasuresh, a 16th ward councillor in Sullurupeta municipality, went to Tirumala for darshan along with his family members as it was his birthday on Monday. They returned to Sullurupeta in the evening and he first dropped his family members at their residence in Brahmana Veedhi. He then went to park his car at a place in Potti Sriramulu street, after which he never returned from there. His family members tried calling him on the phone, but there was no response. Worried about receiving no response, his son Dheeraj went to the parking lot and saw that Venkatasuresh was lying in a pool of blood in the driving seat of the car. The hand gear was completely twisted and Suresh had multiple stab wounds. The police were informed and SI Umashankar reached the spot and conducted an investigation.

It appeared to be a pre-planned murder as the assailants had stabbed Venkatasuresh in the liver and kidneys multiple times with an intent to murder him. Venkatasuresh is survived by two children and a wife. He was known to be a man of gentle disposition and is said to have no conflicts or political differences with anyone. Police state that more than two people would have been involved in his murder.They are verifying CCTV footage in and around the area for any clues about the assailants.

Further details are awaited…

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