Shooting at Indianapolis FedEx Facility: Several Injured

 - Sakshi Post

It was reported that a shooting took place at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis on Thursday. The details of the incident are unclear. Also, the number of people shot is unknown. The police made a confirmation regarding the incident.

The Indianapolis Star reports police released a statement later that night. At around 11.30 pm, the police officials gave a statement confirming the incident and multiple fatalities, though they didn’t reveal the exact number.

According to the sources and the videos that surfaced online, the shooting took place on Thursday at the parking lot outside the facility, where several persons were injured. It is unclear as to what state these victims are in. No deaths were reported until now. It was only said that these people are now receiving treatment at the hospital.

Some of the sources confirm that at least eight people including the suspect died in the shooting. The shooter reported killed himself after the incident. Few injured persons were shifted to the hospital. It was said that one person was in critical condition. No police officers were injured in the firing, confirmed the source. 

This is not the first incident of shooting. I the past few months, there have been many such instances. The number of casualties keeps increasing while not all the gunmen are getting identified. 

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