Shocking Disclosure: How Live-In Couple Cheated Bachupally Man of Rs 11 Crore

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HYDERABAD:  Four people, including a woman were arrested  on Wednesday by the Bachupally police for duping a businessman of Rs 11 Crore, posing as fake police and human rights officials. The victim realised that he was being duped for the past four years and demanded that the fraudsters return his money. With their fraud exposed and the fear of being arrested, one of the main accused committed suicide in the first week of February.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Madhapur DCP M Venkateswarlu revealed shocking details of how the accused swindled money from the businessman.

Uddanam Sirisha alias Smriti Sinha from YSR Kadapa district was married to a Rajampet resident when she was  only fourteen years old. Smriti, who was separated from her husband ten years ago, moved to Hyderabad with her two children. She trained at a film institute hoping to act in movies as a heroine. As she could not succeed in films despite many efforts ,the woman opened a  supermarket in Borabanda six years ago. She met the prime accused  Vijay Kumar Reddy who had come to install a computer- billing software. Their frequent interactions in the course of time led to an extramarital affair. They both entered into a live-in relation and committed petty scams.

The two  of them then moved to Pranav Antilia, a gated community in Bachupally in December 2017. There they got acquainted with the victim P Veera Reddy, a mining businessman who was living in Villa No. 268, while playing volleyball in the community.

Vijay introduced himself as a trainee IPS and  introduced Smrithi as his wife, who he said was the South India chairperson of the International Commission of Human Rights. He also showed some fake identity cards and seeing them Veera Reddy easily believed that the two of them were genuine people. Vijay also brought his relatives into the field to further trap Veera Reddy.

                                                             Raghava Reddy                                                    Ramakrishna Reddy

He introduced his father Raghava Reddy,as a DCP in the Central Forces,but  who was actually working in the Airport as a CISF ASI  . Vijay became closer as he repeatedly told Veera Reddy that they were distant relatives apart from coming from the same region and community. Vijay also told him that he had  72 Volvo buses and had bought 32 acres of land in Bachupally for parking them.

After seeing all this Veera Reddy fell into his trap. Vijay Kumar then took Rs 11.37 Crore from Veera Reddy on several occasions, starting from 2017. Trusting him Veera Reddy gave him the amounts. Of this, Rs 5.37 crore was transferred to bank accounts and the rest was taken in cash. Instead of transferring the money directly to his account, he transferred it to the bank accounts of his brother Abhilash Reddy, relatives Ramakrishna Reddy and Randhir Reddy and transferred the money to his accounts through them.

                                                     Smrithi Sinha (Sirisha)                                                        Ranadhir Reddy 

Vijay spent a huge amount for Smriti's birthday. They had spent 40 days this year at the Novotel Hotel in Shamshabad with her two children, where Vijay paid Rs 1 lakh per day for their stay. He used all the five luxury cars he owned every day and to make believe that they were a rich couple.

Not stopping there, he used the lure of marriage to further trap the victim. On one occasion, Veera Reddy told Vijay to look for marriage alliances for his brother-in-law. Vijay showed a photo of a beautiful young woman collected from social media saying that she was his cousin sister under the name Pravallika. Taking over Smriti, spoke to Veera Reddy's brother-in-law provocatively under the name  of Pravallika using a new phone number and impressing the family members. Tricked by them again Veera Reddy, his wife and her family members decided to make Pravallika their daughter -in- law.

Veera Reddy, on the other hand started pressurising  Vijay Kumar Reddy to return the money he had given him. During January Veera Reddy who was already vexed that the payment was not returned called Vijay and spoke to him harshly and demanded that he return the money.

 To escape from the situation Vijay said that he was under training in Dehradun Academy. He also shared some morphed photos to save himself. Suspecting something was wrong, the victim asked him to share his live location through WhatsApp, but Vijay did not send it. 

This further raised his suspicions and he checked the photos sent and found that they were morphed. Realising that he was deceived, Veera Reddy also came to know that Vijay was still in the city. 

As the pressure mounted on Vijay Kumar and realising that Veera Reddy was aware of his fraud now, Vijay sent a message through WhatsApp on the 5th of February confessing that he had cheated Veera Reddy and that he was committing suicide.

Vijay was staying at his family's house in Pragati Nagar and is said to have taken his life there. Based on his message Veera Reddy lodged a complaint with the Bachupally poliActing upon the complaint lodged by Veera Reddy, police arrested the four accused Raghava Reddy, Ramakrishna Reddy and Ranadhir Reddy  along with Smriti on Wednesday. 

Dozens of fake identity cards, credit and debit cards belonging to various banks, gold and silver jewellery worth Rs 50 lakh, Rs 2 lakh cash, cell phones and 3 BMW and 2 Ford cars all worth Rs 4 crore were seized from them. Documents relating to several properties were seized including that of villa at Bachupally worth Rs 1.5 Crore.

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