Share Your Location On WhatsApp, Get Girls At Your Home!

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Hyderabad: Vamsi Krishna, a resident of SR Nagar in Hyderabad hails from Edupugulla village, Kanikipada Mandal, Krishna district. He started a hi-tech prostitution ring with the intention of making easy money.

'You share your location on WhatsApp. We will send the girl right to you in a few moments,' this is an excerpt of an advertisement shared by a prostitution gang online in Hyderabad.

Vamsi found that sending the girls straight to the client's home and marketing in this way can get him easy money.

No matter how many raids the police conduct, those who do this kind of business are constantly finding new ways and tricks to carry on their trade and stay under the radar.

The high-tech prostitution ring came to light as part of a recent decoy operation led by the Rachakonda SOT police.

Vamsi Krishna lives in SR Nagar, Hyderabad. He is from Edupugulla village, Kanikipada Mandal, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. He started a prostitution racket with girls looking to make some quick money.

He advertised on a website that he had girls from the North and South who would provide home service. He shared the phone number calling on interested parties to share their present location on WhatsApp on his number and he would young women to their address based on their preference.

Rachakonda cyber crime police, who are always on the lookout to bust such online scams, launched a decoy operation after the advertisement appeared online.

Vamsi Krishna called the phone number mentioned and asked if the person wanted a girl. On sending a location near the Kushaiguda area, Vamsi Krishna sent two girls from Bengal and Assam.

Police arrested him and sent the girls to a rehabilitation center. Police found that Vamsi Krishna was attracting widowers by posting half-naked photos of young women on his website. Cases against him are being registered and investigated under various sections.

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