Salem: Alcoholic Couple Sells Kids For Booze Money

 - Sakshi Post

A tragic incident has come to light in Tamil Nadu. A couple, who were addicted to alcohol, sold their children for money. The matter came to light when relatives approached the police after the couple were trying to sell their third child. 
In Tamil Nadu, Robin, 29, and Monisha, 26, were residents of Bhagwati Ammavari Temple Street in Ooty Kandal in the Nilgiris district. They were married a few years ago. They have two daughters and a son.
For a few months now, the couple went into debt after getting addicted to alcohol. The family situation turned for the worse because of this habit and her house too collapsed due to the recent rains. 
Unable to bear the burden, Monishahanded over her three-year-old eldest daughter to her sister Praveena. With the help of Robin's friend, he sold his second daughter (18 months) to Nissar bhai from Tiruppur for Rs 25,000. The son (3 months) was sold to a Salem couple Bhupathi-Umamaheswari for Rs 30,000.
The couple got into an altercation with Praveena two days asking them to return their child. She then informed the child care officers. Police arrived on the scene and interrogated the couple, who had already sold the other two children. Police registered cases against them and as well as those who bought the children from them and arrested them.

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