Russian Hackers' Launch Cyber Attacks on US Companies, Demand Crores 

 - Sakshi Post

America is facing a lot of trouble with the cyber threat. Recently, Russian hackers launched attacks on several of the country’s companies. American IT giant Casey has been attacked by hackers using ransomware. Hundreds of businesses got disrupted due to the cyber attack. It is learned that the cybercriminals attempted the attack using VSA technology.

The company was able to realise that they were hacked two days after the attack. The company stated that millions of computers were infected and the cybercriminals have demanded Rs 520 crores from them. They said, “If the money is paid we will see that the files of the victims are decrypted.”

The virus spread rapidly to the other corporate companies which have a contract with Casey. FBI officials believe that ransomware gangs have stolen data from 200 companies in several countries, including the United States, Germany, the UK, Australia and Canada.

Cyber experts say that the gang had earlier troubled some message service providers. However, US President Joe Biden had recently met Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed about cybercrimes. It is learned that Putin assured Biden to solve the problems as early as possible. 

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