RPF Seize Explosives, Gelatin Sticks And Detonators From Woman Travelling On Train From Chennai To Kannur

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Chennai: Large quantities of explosives were seized by The Railway Protection Force (RPF) on Friday from a woman traveling in a train from Chennai. Gelatin sticks and detonators were seized by a special squad of the RPF led by Divisional Security Commissioner Jithin B Raj.

According to a senior RPF official, explosives including 117 gelatin sticks and 350 detonators were found hidden beneath the seat of Ramani, a native of Tiruvannamalai, travelling from Chennai to Thalassery in Kannur district by the Chennai-Mangaluru superfast train.

These Explosives usually are commonly used during the digging of wells.

Local media reported, the woman had initially denied knowledge about the bag, but later admitted she was going to Thalassery and was carrying the explosives to be used during the digging of wells.

The police and the RPF decided to probe the case in detail. The intelligence wing of the Kerala Police has also joined the probe.

The concerning issue here is that the state is gearing up for assembly elections, in a couple of months. In view of the forthcoming elections to the state Assembly, the RPF has intensified searches in trains recently.

Even though such explosives are generally used digging wells and blast rocks, they can also be used to make country-made bombs. 

In another incident, on Thursday, an SUV filled with at least 20 gelatin sticks was found abandoned outside Antilia, the lavish multi-storied home of billionaire industrialist Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai.

"A Scorpio vehicle with 20 gelatin sticks was found near Mukesh Ambani's Mumbai residence. The Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police is investigating the entire matter and the truth will emerge soon," Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh said late on Thursday evening.

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