Real Estate Rivalry Leads To Brutal Murder Of Prakasam Businessman

Real Estate Rivalry Leads To Brutal Murder Of Prakasam Businessman - Sakshi Post

Rivalry estate rivalry led to the murder of a local businessman in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. As per reports, the victim named Achyuta Adinarayana, 40, a steel trader who also ventured into real estate was waylaid and brutally murdered by goons near a Goshala in Yerragondapalem in the district.  

Getting into the details, Adinarayana and his brothers were doing steel business at the local Potti Sriramula idol centre. With the real estate boom, he started purchasing and selling land in Yarragondapalem. Recently he had purchased some land on the local Tripuranthakam road. His rivals also started purchasing land in the same area which led to clashes between them.

With feud taking an ugly turn, his business rivals attempted to kill him by trying to mow him down with a car recently when he was returning from his Tripuranthakam on his motorbike on the Macherla Road. However, Adinarayana managed to escape and filed a complaint with the local police.

Adinarayana was a member of the local Goshala there and would go there on a regular basis to oversee the work going on there. His rivals kept track of his movements and taking advantage of this they hatched a plan to kill him there.

On Wednesday Adinarayana was accompanied by a textile trader named Narayana Singh to the Goshala. Singh, who was an eyewitness, told police that as he and Adinarayana were on their way to town from Goshala, three unidentified assailants stopped their motorbike pretending to be drunk. Singh told police that as soon as they stopped the motorbike, they threw chili powder at Adinarayana and him. They hurled stones at the victim after dragging him (Narayana) and pushed him aside, he stated to the police.

Meanwhile, the victim’s relatives protested at the Bus Stand Center, alleging police inaction despite the victim filing a police complaint when he was first attacked by the opponents. Markapuram DSP Kishore Kumar rushed to the spot and started an investigation. It is learned that his opponents had given ‘supari’ to the killers for eliminating Adinarayana. The police are speaking to the family members and local traders for further information.

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