Rajahmundry Woman Gets Husband Killed To Live With Lover

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East Godavari affair in Rajahmundry: wife's extramarital affair with another guy, plots to murder her husband

Rajahmundry: Prasad of Subbaraopet in Rajahmundry, East Godavari district, was married to a woman called Ambika a few years ago, according to locals and police. Ambika, on the other hand, had an adulterous romance with a guy from Lingampet named Chakri Dora. This would become a regular source of contention between the spouses. Ambika was warned by Prasad to stay away from extra-marital relationships.

When Ambika realised that her husband was preventing her from having an adulterous affair with her lover, she plotted to eliminate him somehow. Ambika reached out to a man called Srikanth, who happens to be Prasad's cousin. He also admitted to the murder, citing previous conflicts between them.

Srikanth brought Prasad to Maredumilli on June 30. Prasad was in an inebriated state at the time, and Srikanth thrashed him with a stone, killing him in the process. Ambika later sobbed and pretended that her husband had been murdered as if she had no knowledge of the plot to kill him.

The police then filed a complaint against Prasad's family members and began an investigation. Police interrogated Prasad's wife Ambika as part of this, and she is said to have given contradictory answers. She confessed to plotting to her husband for her lover when the police grew suspicious and probed her in their own manner. The cops took her into custody.

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