Prakasam: Father Kills Boy For Harassing Daughter, Arrested in Addanki

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A father turns murderer after his daughter was abused by a young man in the name of love. This incident happened in Addanki of Prakasam district.

According to the police, Venkateshwarlu of Santhanuthalapadu has two sons and a daughter. His daughter is studying Intermediate. A young man Ganesh, from the same college, was harassing the girl saying he loves her. After learning about him, the girl's father warned Ganesh several times, but the boy continued to follow her.

Locals alleged that the young man sometimes got drunk and harassed the girl to get married to him. After all this, Venkateshwarlu decided to kill Ganesh. He took the help of his cousin to plot the boy's murder. On April 24, they took Ganesh to a lonely place. While the cousin held his hand, Venkateshwarlu tied a wire around his neck. And Ganesh succumbed to suffocation.

They later removed his clothes and tied him in a jute bag and threw him in a pond. They took his cell phone and left the place. On April 27, Ganesh's body was identified. The police registered a a case of unnatural death and started an investigation.

While checking his call data, police found Venkateshwarlu using Ganesh's SIM card. Police arrested Venkateshwarlu and his cousin Ankammarao at Addanki bus stop. 

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