Police Crack Case of East Godavari Woman's Murder, Arrest Husband And Mother

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EAST GODAVARI: Peddapuram police solved the murder case of a woman whose partially burnt body was found in a mango orchard  and arrested the woman's husband and mother. Peddapuram DSP Aritakula Srinivasa Rao held a press conference at the Rural Police Station on Wednesday and revealed details.

A woman's body which was half burnt was found in a mango orchard at the outskirts of Velampeta village in Tuni mandal in East Godavari district.

Chintapalli Satyanarayana, who was a nadaswaram player in Lova Devasthanam, was married to  his elder sister's daughter named Adilakshmi in the year 2004. They have two sons  Ramesh who was studying in the 10th grade and another son who was studying fourth grade. The family lived in Markandraju Peta at Tuni.

Over the course of time Adilakshmi started having illicit affairs and was often reprimanded by her husband and mother Sattemma for her behaviour.

The fear of social stigma due to her having extramarital affairs and vexed with Adilakshmi's immoral  behaviour, the accused tried to reason with her. On the 28th of February during a fight with her, Sattemma and her son-in-law hit Adilakshmi hard on the head with a hammer and she died on the spot.

Afraid of being caught,Satyanarayana stuffed her body into a bag and put it on his two-wheeler and went to the  mango orchard in Kottavelampeta suburb.He poured petrol on the body and set it on fire. He came home immediately to ensure no one saw him. However, only half of the body was burnt. Police were called in after locals noticed  the semi charred body.

After conducting investigation and examining the CCTV footage on the highway the police zeroed in Satyanarayana.

Meanwhile, Satyanarayana and Sattemma panicked after the cops started questioning them and surrendered to police on Wednesday. 

The DSP appreciated the efforts of Rural SI Kishore Babu and SI Y GaneshKumar for solving the case. Both the accused were sent to remand and a case of murder was filed against them.

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