Pokhran ISI Agent Was Leaking Army Info To Pakistan

 - Sakshi Post

The Delhi police registered a case under the Official Secrets Act. Habibur Rahman was earlier arrested from Pokhran in Rajasthan. It was said that he was spying on Indian defense establishments. He gathered information and passed it to Pakistan. He was able to get hold of the important maps and other information regarding the Army.

The reports have mentioned that Rahman had the contract of supplying vegetables to the Indian Army. He would enter the base under the pretext of bringing their regular supply.

Rahman was with Pakistan ISI and helped them with information regarding the Indian Army. He is currently in custody and is being investigated. The police seized all the important documents and maps from the person. During the investigation, Rahman shared that he was given these documents by Paramjit Kaur, who is an Army Personnel in Agra.

Following these allegations, Kaur was called for questioning. The officers will hand him over to Delhi Police for further questioning and investigation. Police will continue their investigation and according to them, there are more people involved in this.

Apart from Rahman and Kaur, a person named Kamal was also involved in this. The police have a hunch that this might be a bigger conspiracy and planning than they originally thought it to be. The investigation brought in a few more men as suspects.

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