Pharma Student Harassing Woman Using Sold OTPs Arrested In Hyderabad

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OneTime Password (OTP) has recently become extremely crucial for activating a social media account. OTP is very important to protect our information from falling into the hands of others. However, in recent times, cybercriminals are selling these OTPs too. A Pharmacy student who came to know about this.. bought an OTP to activate WhatsApp and got into trouble for harassing a woman. This case plays an example of the new way of cybercrime.

A young man (20) from Secunderabad met the victim when they were studying in a private school in 2015 and were friends since then. After schooling, they continued their friendship and met in person several times. During this, he proposed to her and she rejected. Later, she got married to another person. Since then, he bore a grudge against her and tried to activate Whatsapp with a new number with purchased OTPs. Thus, he got access to WhatsApp with Odisha number. He has been using it to harass the victim for almost two months by sending obscene messages and videos. The victim lodged a complaint with the City Cyber ​​Crime Police and the case was registered.

The matter of the sale of OTPs came to light when he was taken into custody and interrogated on Wednesday. The accused lamented to the police that he thought he would never be found as he was sending messages to the woman with a different number, but was found in a very short time. With this incident, the police started investigating the groups selling OTPs.

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