Peddapalli: Sampark Kranthi Express Runs Over Young Boy

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Adilabad: A horrific accident took place in Peddapalli of Adilabad District. A train hit a young man, and his mutilated body was found on the train tracks. Locals and people near the accident area huddled around the body taking videos on their smartphones. A young woman also was in the crowd taking pictures of the incident. When the cloth covering the body's face was lifted, the young woman realized that it was her elder brother. She called her mother who was in the train and told her about the incident. Upon examining the body, they realized that it was indeed the woman's brother who had died. The parents cried in shock wondering how their son who was alive a few minutes ago could be dead.

The victim has been identified as Vishal (21). His parents were Rani and Edukolu Srinivas. Srinivas works at the Singareni workshop in Mandamarri, Manchiryala district, and lives locally with his family. The daughter is studying in Hyderabad. The family came to Hyderabad on Saturday to pick her up after the government shut down the educational institutions due to an increase in Covid-19 cases. They stayed at a relative's house for several days and started their return journey to Mandamarri on Monday. While traveling on the Kagaznagar Express, they stopped the train at the Peddapalli station for the Sampark Kranti Express crossing.

At that moment, Vishal who got down from the train to get some water and was walking towards the platform when the Sampark Kranti Express run over him. Not knowing the tragedy, the parents of Vishal and his sister were waiting for him to come back to the train. Meanwhile, people who noticed the mishap huddled around the body taking videos and photos. At the same time, Vishal's sister who also went to take the pictures of the body realized that the person lying on the ground was her brother Vishal. She immediately called her parents who rushed to the spot and were shocked to see their boy lying motionless. Ramagundam Head Constable registered a case following a complaint by the family members of the deceased.

Srinivas, the father of the victim, could not bear to see the mutilated body of his son before his eyes. Vishal's body was brought to Mandamarri the night after the post-mortem at the Peddapalli Government Hospital. Srinivas was rushed to Singareni Dispensary after he fell ill. Doctors discharged him after two hours of treatment.

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