Ostracized By Community Elders, Medak Man Records Selfie Suicide Video

Ostracised By Community Elders Medak Man Records Selfie Video, Commits Suicide - Sakshi Post

MEDAK: Upset over being ostracised from his community by the village elders, a young committed suicide on Monday night. Before committing suicide the depressed man recorded a selfie video on his phone, showing the rope he was going to use to kill himself, while explaining the reasons for his drastic act. He was later found hanging to a tree in the outskirts of  Muslapur village in Alladurgam mandal at Medak district.

The man named Ippa Shankar was socially boycotted by the members of his community, as he was an accused in a murder case for more than six years. However, the case was dismissed and he was released from jail. When the case was foisted on Shankar, the caste elders expelled his family from the caste.

Even as the court dismissed the case, the local villagers imposed sanctions on Shankar. They issued an ultimatum where he was required to pay a compensation of Rs 3 lakh as a condition to rejoin the community.

Shocked at the verdict given by the village elders Shankar lodged a complaint at the Alladurgam police station on January 6th against three of the caste elders. However, the local police did not take up his case, which pushed the man further into depression for being ignored by the police as well.

He committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree near an agricultural field outside the village. The selfie video taken before the suicide has now gone viral.He explains his feelings of how he was ill treated by people and also his wife who is said to have troubled him. Police have registered a case and are investigating the incident. 

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