Organising Cockfights on Sankranthi Lands 9 in Jail

Organising Cockfights on Sankranthi Lands 9 in Jail - Sakshi Post

In Telangana, 20 people have been arrested for organising illegal cockfights.

Hyderabad: On Sunday, Kataram police busted a cockfighting den in the forest region near Damerakunta village and arrested nine people for their alleged involvement in the cockfight.

The cops seized Rs 7,150, six cell phones, six motorcycles, four roosters, and other items before turning them over to the investigation team for further inquiry and action.

According to a press release from the police, the suspects were from several villages in the district's Kataram Mandal.

In Asifabad, 11 people have been booked for cockfights.

In the Kumram Bheem Asifabad area, at least 11 people were arrested on Saturday in separate incidents for participating in unlawful cockfighting activities.

Seven people were arrested on the outskirts of Burugugedam village in Chintalamanepalli Mandal for allegedly participating in illegal cockfights. They were found with four roosters and Rs 6,000 in cash.

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M. Akshinta Rao, Gundla Gangaram, Nikade Ravi, Nalli Arjaiah, Panem Sanjeev, Boire Madhu, and Soyam Laxman were all from Burugugudem and surrounding villages. When the authorities raided the location based on credible information from sources, they were captured red-handed.

On Sunday, four people were arrested in Dimda village on suspicion of participating in banned cockfights. They were found with five cocks and Rs 44,000 in cash, and a case was filed against them under Section 9 (II) of the Telangana Gaming Act (Penalty for gaming or setting birds or animals to fight in a public street or place).

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