Online Marriage Fraud: Hyderabad Dancer Duped Of Rs 11 Lakhs

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HYDERABAD: Frauds through online matrimonial sites and in the name of gifts pending at customs continue unabated despite the Police issuing several warnings not to fall for such scams and fall prey to such cyber criminals.

In one such incident a cyber criminal, who met a female dancer from the city through a matrimonial site, swindled Rs 11.75 lakh in the name of marriage came to light on Thursday.

As per reports, the dancer from Banjara Hills uploaded her profile on A man posing as an NRI based in London contacted her through the site. He told her that he was a supervisor working for BMW Car Company.

Both of them exchanged numbers and over a period, the two decided to get married. In this context, the fraudsters told her that he would be coming to India soon and planned to settle down in the country.

In the modus operandi typical of the fraudsters, the man called and told her that he was sending her gifts in proclamation of love for her. The man said that he was sending gold jewellery, cash in dollars and a laptop, and also shared photos of them on WhatsApp.

On the second day, a person posing as a customs official from Delhi airport called her and told her that a parcel had come in her name. He said that the victim had to pay customs duty for releasing the gift and the victim believing it to be true paid Rs 11.75 lakh which was deposited in various bank accounts under the name of various clearances over a period.

Finally realising that she had been taken for a ride, the victim then approached the City Cyber Crime Police and lodged a complaint. The police have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

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